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        The Maintenance and Repair Instructions of LED Canopy Light

        Jul. 23, 2019

        Here is LED Canopy Lighting 120 Manufacturer talking about the maintenance and repair instructions of LED canopy light.

        If you have any questions about the Easy Install LED Canopy Light, welcome to contact us.

        Easy Install LED Canopy Light

        Easy Install LED Canopy Light

        1. Make sure that the power has been turned off before maintenance.

        2. Regularly clean the lens of the ceiling light to maintain good light transmission.

        3. Regularly clean the outer casing of the mining lamp and the dust of the radiator to maintain good heat dissipation.

        4. Be careful not to clean with water or a corrosive solution, preferably with a dry cloth.

        5. When replacing the power supply, you can directly open the back cover with a screwdriver and take out the power supply. The AC power supply has three wires connected according to the red corresponding to the “L” on the power supply, and the blue corresponding to the “N” on the power supply, yellow green or yellow corresponding. The red or white line of the DC power cable corresponds to the positive black line of the power supply corresponding to the negative pole of the power supply. Note that the positive and negative poles should not be reversed.

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